Friday, August 14, 2009

Grand Phnom International City to Celebrate

The Grand Phnom Penh City, a development on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, will hold a ceremony to mark the achievements made so far on August 22, Gunady Wirawan Project Manager of Grand Phnom Penh City said on Thursday.

Minister of Finance and Economy Keat Chhon, also a deputy prime minister, will attend the celebration to be held at the development north of Russey Keo district, he said.
“We cooperated with Cambodia to invest in our operation by developing the Grand City,” Wirawan said. “The international city in Cambodia has a golf club with a large area of green grass and modern facilities to international standard.” “This will be the premier golf club in Cambodia so we hope all visitors to Cambodia will come to play at here,” he added.

Peter Sawyer, technical manager of Grand Phnom Penh City, told DAP News Cambodia that the project took 14 months. “Before this place was just a dirty lake but it is becoming a paradise dream.”

The project will be finished “at least 22 months later,” he said, at which “modern villas and good flats” will also have been completed.

“Everything has been smooth because we import all our tools from the US.”

The 260 ha Grand Phnom Penh City will apparently boast a business center, a school, a hospital, a supermarket, a sports centre and “resort areas,” Sawyer said. “On August 09, 2009, our company had approved our master plan to create the Grand Phnom Penh Golf. Besides this, there are 4,000 flats as well.”

“We are only 20 minutes from Wat Phnom and 15 from Phnom Penh International Airport and next to Russian Blvd, so it is the most convenient place to live.”

Despite the downturn “we will finish our project to be successful for the short term,” Wirawan claimed.


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